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Dec 28th at 11AM / 218 notes

In June 2013, Darren came to Paris to promote Girl Most Likely and do an acoustic showcase. Me and my friends are HUGE Darren fans and were lucky enough to attend the show and see him at both premieres, which was already “totally awesome” ;)
A friend got the info of where he was staying and she took us there, but honestly there was very little chance we would actually see him as he was on a very busy schedule. But he was in OUR country, so we had to try! And I guess we had good karma cause… he did show up. It was absolutely surreal, as it was just the 3 of us. We chatted for a few minutes, exchanged names and he offered to take pictures but asked that we not share them. We all looked at each other and accepted, still in shock and not really knowing what he exactly meant. “It’s OUR moment.” he added.
The 3 of us have secretly been raving about this moment ever since. ALL THE FREAKING TIME. We didn’t want to break our promise, but more than 6 months have passed so we figured it was fine to share those pics now.
We all know what an amazing singer, musician, actor and person he is, but honestly, Darren is by far the most appreciative, respectful and kind artist ever.
#IOM ❤

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